How to nail your content creation

Everyone knows that social media is one of the most important parts of a business in this day and age. And the key to growing your social media is to post regularly, with engaging and informative content. This plan may have worked well for the first two weeks. But then your content ideas ran out, and you didn’t have the time to research how to do it all.

This is where I come in as your magical fairy godmother, granting all of your business wishes. In this post, I’ll break down how to come up with quick and easy content creation ideas, and how to stay on top of it all. I have already published a blog post on content creation, but as it did so well I thought I would do another. If you haven’t read that one, then I recommend you go and do that as it has heaps of ideas and information that I won’t be covering again in this one. It explains how to figure out what to post for your specific business.

In my opinion, the most helpful thing is a social media calendar. This will layout 4-6 weeks of content, so you always know what you’re posting, and when you’re posting it. There are heaps of templates online that you can use, but I always just put together a quick table on Pages (or Word) like this.

I have chosen the days that I’m posting based on my analytics. Go into your business Facebook page, then into insights. On the toolbar on the left, go down until you see the ‘posts’ option. Click on this, and it will show you the days that your audience is most active. If you’re wanting to post three times a week, then chose the top three days for audience engagement. Add a ‘Post’ in your content calendar for those days.

Now, its time to actually fill up the calendar. This is normally the hardest part. For me, I try to post a blog post once a week. Originally, I had them going out on a Saturday, but sometimes I had a really busy week and it wasn’t ready in time. So, now I have a blog on my Thursday slot, but sometimes it will go out on Saturday or Monday instead.

You might be reading this and thinking, “I can’t commit to a specific post on this specific day! What if I don’t get it ready in time?”. That’s the great thing, you can change things around to fit your needs. If you’re not ready to post a blog post on a Saturday, then you can just post Tuesday’s post instead! That’s why it’s important to have your posts lined up. Choose a day that you have a couple of free hours. If you’re posting three times a week, then you need to get three posts lined up. If you can get two or three weeks of posts done, even better! This means that if you get super busy, you still have posts ready to go out. And having spare posts means that if one isn’t ready (like a blog post) then you have another one that can go up instead.

Another amazing trick is the ‘scheduling’ tool on Facebook. You can schedule weeks worth of posts, right down to the exact time in the day. After you’ve scheduled a post, it will go into the cloud and you won’t even need wifi when your post actually goes up.

To get to the publishing tool, go into your business Facebook page. On the left-hand side, go into ‘Publishing Tools’. Once in, you need to go into scheduled posts, not published posts.

Then you can just click the blue ‘create post’ button and do your post as usual. Down the bottom, it will say ‘schedule post’. Click this and you will have a little calendar come up where you can choose the day and time to post. The best time to post is either early in the morning before people head off to work/school. Or at around four, when people begin to leave work/school. If you want to get exact times, you can check in Facebook insights.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for; actual content ideas. Like I mentioned in the first post on content creation, it really depends on your business niche. A cosmetics company and a dog food company won’t be posting the same things. I post three times a week, and I’ve got a bit of a routine. In time, you will also find out what works for you, and what your audience likes. This will determine the things that you post. My pages are very focused on spreading information and giving people the resources to do these things themselves. Therefore, I need to make sure that I stay in this niche because that is why they followed me in the first place. If I suddenly started posting about bikini’s then I would most likely lose this customer-base that I’ve built.

For me, I have three categories.

  1. Blog posts. I post one blog a week and will make a post on my social media to advertise it. I might take a snippet, or just explain why you should read it.

  1. Resources. I’ll find a resource that I think my followers could benefit from. Last week, I posted about Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool, which will run a free website audit and give you heaps of information on what you can work on/what’s already going well. These sorts of things keep people coming back to me because I’m giving them tools that can help their business. People follow you for a reason, and its normally because you are solving a problem they have.

  1. Miscellaneous. This is anything that I found that I wanted to post, that doesn’t fit into the other two categories. If I’ve found a cool article, I could post that. If there’s something in my personal life I want to post, I could do that. If there are any business announcements, then I can post on that.

It would be really difficult for me to give you exact ideas because every business is so vastly different. The most important piece of advice I can give is to always have the customer in mind. Make sure the things you are posting are things that they will benefit from. If your page can solve their problem in a specific area of their life, then you will have gained a loyal follower. They may even share you around, and you could grow your platform that way.

A quick recap of the main points.

  • A content calendar will save you lots of time and headaches. Print it out and keep it near your computer. Add notes and annotations. If you find an article that you think is cool, make a little note for you to post it.

  • Work in advance. Put aside a little time each week to do next week’s work. It will be a lot more stressful if you are trying to do everything last minute, instead of already having it done.

  • Use Facebook scheduling tools. They’ll help you keep everything organised, and means that you don’t need to remember to post at specific times, as its already all done.

And that’s it! I hope this has given a little more insight into the content creation world. Social media can be hard to understand, but when used right is one of the most important tools for a business.